Key support disabled people of all ages, throughout Scotland, to lead full, active lives in their own homes and communities

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To provide high quality, person-centred supports to young people and adults with a wide range of needs.

Services provided:

Key offers person-centred support to people with a wide range of support needs.  People use the support they provide in lots of different ways, depending upon what they want to achieve in their lives, this can be things like:

  • Feeling safe and secure.
  • Keeping well and staying healthy.
  • Being as independent as possible.
  • Having interesting things to do.
  • Being connected with family and friends.
  • Feeling good about life.

They work with people to provide support at the times which suit them.
They operate all day, every day.

Key also has a housing function which manages a number of properties across 15 Scottish local authorities.

In Glasgow, Key delivers support in partnership with their subsidiary organisation Community Lifestyles.

Key has over 30 years experience of delivering individually tailored support to people with a diverse range of needs, right across Scotland.  However, people want to use their support, their approach is always to:

  • Get to know the person, their family and other people important to them really well.
  • Actively involve the person in decisions about how they use their support and choosing workers for their team.
  • Complement and build upon the support they get from other people in their life and community.


The Square
70 Renton Street
G4 0HT
United Kingdom

Phone: 0141 342 1890
Fax: 0141 342 1891

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