International Costello Syndrome Support Group (UK)

Support group for those affected by Costello Syndrome

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To help families of children with Costello Syndrome learn from each other.

Services provided:

  • Support to the families of children with Costello Syndrome.
  • Run an Internet site and a list server which is open to families, teachers and medical professionals who are involved in the care of children with Costello Syndrome. In order to protect privacy the list is only open to the above group of people.

Costello kids has a facebook page –

Additional information:

Costello Syndrome is a rare disorder characterised by growth delay after birth, leading to short stature; excessive, redundant loose skin on the neck, palms of the hands, fingers and the soles of the feet; development of benign growths around the mouth and nostrils; mild learning difficulties; and / or characteristic facial appearance.


90 Parkfield Road North
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Phone: 0845 226 0163

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