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Help those with hepatitis C, primarily by providing them with both information and support

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  • To help those with hepatitis C, primarily by providing them with both information, advocacy and support
  • To raise public awareness of the disease.
  • To campaign for a sensible and vigorous government response to this epidemic and to eliminate hep C in the UK by 2030


Services provided:

  • The website is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive information on hepatitis C in the UK.
  • Staff at the Trust will provide patient centred responses to questions emailed to them. If they cannot answer a question themselves, they make use of an advisory panel of doctors.
  • The Trust’s confidential national helpline 020 7089 6221(Monday – Friday, 10.30am – 4.30pm) is run by staff and volunteers who themselves have had hepatitis C. This makes it much easier for callers to be open and candid. Callers often ring and ask for information but also need emotional support.

Additional information:

Petra Wright is the Scottish Officer and can be contacted at:-

Telephone:  01324 614063   Email: petra.wright@hepctrust.org.uk


27 Crosby Row

Phone: 020 7089 6220
Website: http://www.hepctrust.org.uk
Email: helpline@hepctrust.org.uk
Helpline number: 020 7089 6221

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