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Logo is a national symbol for language and communication assistance

Services provided:

Happy to Translate is a unique and innovative national scheme which bridges communication gaps between organisations and service users who struggle to communicate in English.

It is an award-winning not-for-profit initiative which uses an easily recognised logo and specialist tools and training to help people to overcome communication barriers. It enables people to receive information and services on an equal basis, in keeping with legislative requirements on equality issues.

As well as helping service users, it benefits organisations whose front line staff are trained to deal professionally with service users who are non-fluent English speakers. It also strengthens relationships between organisations and communities they serve.

Previously funded by the Scottish Government (Scottish Executive) and Communities Scotland, it is now a self-sustaining and highly successful initiative which is growing in influence within the UK. HTT comprises of two key parts: a distinctive original logo and practical guidance detailing how to provide communication assistance to service users.

This website aims to provide practical guidance, and additionally for members there is a dedicated intranet site providing a number of tools designed to facilitate interaction with people who require communication assistance.

When an organisation becomes a Member of Happy to Translate, the tools provided in the Toolkit and on this website will enable its staff to:

  • Assess what language or type of communication assistance is required;
  • Assess what information or service the existing or potential  service user needs;
  • Make the necessary arrangements to provide language assistance so the service user can receive information and services.

See website for further information.


c/o Trust Housing Association
12 New Mart Road
EH14 1RL
United Kingdom

Phone: 0131 444 4951
Website: http://www.happytotranslate.com
Email: info@happytotranslate.com

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