Handicabs – HCL (West Lothian)

Dial-a-ride transport service

Description of service:

Dial-a-Ride provides a door to door transport service for people with limited mobility who are unable to use ordinary buses. The service operates five days a week. Passengers must be resident in West Lothian and journeys are usually undertaken to places within Lothian.

Dial-a-Bus provides transport from home to local shopping centres for people who can’t manage by ordinary bus. The service operates at least once a week from most areas in West Lothian. Handicabs may be able to arrange for someone to help with shopping.

All vehicles are wheelchair accessible and specially adapted to carry combinations of wheelchair users and other passengers.

Opening hours:

Open Monday – Friday (hours may vary).

Additional information:

Tel: Dial-a-Ride 01506 633 953
Tel: Dial-a-Bus 01506 633 336

Email:  Bathgate@handicabs.org.uk

Website: http://www.hcltransport.org.uk



17a Inchmuir Road
Whitehill Industrial Estate
West Lothian
EH48 2EP

Phone: 01506 633 953
Website: http://www.handicabs.org.uk
Email: admin@handicabs.org.uk
Fax: 01506 635 148

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