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The online home of government services and information. replaces the Directgov and Business Link sites.


  • A new cross-government website, GOV.UK aims to make it “simpler, clearer and faster” for users to interact with the government online.
  • GOV.UK aims to bring most of the information published by the government online in one place and will become the starting point for all government digital services. Its aim is to be for users.

Services provided:

Users can access a range of services and information on GOV.UK, including applying for driving licences, finding out travel information and looking for business advice.

Information topics on GOV.UK include:

  • Benefits
  • Disabled people
  • Driving, transport, and travel
  • Businesses and self-employed
  • Education and learning
  • Working, jobs and pensions
  • Housing and local services
  • Crime, justice and the law
  • Money and tax
  • Births, deaths, marriages and care
  • Citizenship and life in the UK

Over time, more information will be added to the website, including detailed guidance for professionals and comprehensive information on government policy. You can find out more about what is being added to GOV.UK at



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