Glasgow Disability Alliance

GDA acts as a representative voice of disabled people and groups in Glasgow

Services provided:

GDA is a membership-led organisation of disabled people and groups in Glasgow. Its mission is to act as a collective, representative voice of disabled people, promoting equality, rights and social justice. GDA has a membership of over 1300 disabled people and is the biggest groundswell of disabled members in Scotland, if not, the UK.

What they do is:-

  • Support disabled people who want to get into learning by providing taster courses which are accessible and free
  • Help disabled people to move onto other learning at community project courses, colleges, universities, in libraries or anywhere else
  • Provide information to disabled people, their groups and those who work with them
  • Encourage disabled people and their organisations to get together with policy and decision makers.
  • Build their membership to give GDA a stronger voice including other groups who are also treated unfairly
  • Represent our members by giving their views to agencies that serve disabled people
  • Tell politicians the things that are important to disabled people and the things that need to change
  • Try to get money from lots of different funders to enable us to do work which is important to disabled people
  • Work effectively together with disabled people, their groups and our Board and Committees to make things better for disabled people in Glasgow
  • Work with organisations who provide learning and other services to disabled people, giving them information, advising them and training them to understand and better meet the needs of disabled people
  • All the things they do contribute towards improving the lives of disabled people in Glasgow.

Pathways for Change will enable GDA to deliver targeted support to disabled people within 3 dedicated strands.

  • Younger Disabled People aged 16-30.
  • Older Disabled People aged 50 .
  • Disabled people facing barriers to training, volunteering and employment.


Suite 301 - The White Studios
Templeton Business Centre
Templeton Court
G40 1DA

Phone: 0141 556 7103

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