Glasgow Childrens Holiday Scheme

We provide holidays and breaks to children and families that would not otherwise get the opportunity.


The aim of the scheme is to provide a break for children and families living within the Greater Glasgow area who would otherwise not get a break for reasons of disadvantage, disability, social exclusion and other reasons.  A holiday provides the opportunity to get away from it all, try out new things, have fun and create positive happy memories, something many of us take for granted but is deprived to many children and their families.

Services provided:

For many families, holidays are out of reach.  These families belong to the 20 per cent of Glasgow’s population that is income deprived.  A third of Glasgow’s children live in poverty.  That’s 36,000 children many of who may never enjoy a few days at the seaside or in the countryside.  A break helps to improve self-esteem and promote better health and wellbeing.

Each year GCHS organises holidays for over 500 children and young people from the Greater Glasgow area.

Most children have breaks with their families at their five static caravans (including an adapted caravan) at Wemyss Bay on the Clyde Coast

Caravans are made available at certain times of the year to youth groups for activity based holidays

We support organisations to enable families to enjoy a day out or young people to access activities.

They provide children and families with the holidays the need but otherwise would not get for reasons of poverty, deprivation, ill health, disability or other adverse circumstances such as bereavement, mental health problems or abuse.

Referrals come from social workers, teachers, health visitors, schools’ various local voluntary organisations and community groups.


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