Fund for Human Need

Gives one-off grants to people in need


The Fund for Human Need (FHN) is a small Methodist-affiliated grant making charity established to relieve poverty and hunger. Grants are made, irrespective of faith, ethnic origin or social group, to individuals in the UK, most of whom are refugees, asylum seekers or homeless, and to those in other kinds of personal distress.

The Fund makes about 80 one-off grants each month to individuals, usually to a maximum of £120. Priority is given to those who are destitute or have no income or benefits, to those who are particularly vulnerable, and to those where a small grant will make a major difference.

Applications for grants, in writing or online, should set out the circumstances giving rise to the need for a grant, and include details of any income and benefits, what makes the person vulnerable, and how a major difference will be achieved by the receipt of a grant. Application may be made on behalf of an individual by local authority or voluntary organisations but please give full bank details for any awards if you are successful. Applications for those in the asylum system MUST be forwarded via an organisation.


6 Newlands Road
County Durham
United Kingdom

Phone: 07561717230

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