Fragile X Society

Providing Information and Support to Individuals, families, Professionals and Researchers for all matters related to Fragile X Syndrome and Fragile X associated conditions.

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Fragile X Syndrome is the most common known cause of inherited learning disability.


  • To provide information and practical guidance to support and empower individuals and families living with Fragile X Syndrome and Fragile X – associated conditions.
  • To educate and inform the public and professionals about Fragile X in order to raise awareness and understanding of the syndrome and improve support for all individuals affected by Fragile X.
  • To encourage research into all aspects of Fragile X through participation of our family members in Fragile X Studies and to publicise the results
  • To raise funds to carry out our work

services provided:

  • National Support and Information Service
  • Network support for families through our online community and support groups
  • Regular newsletter, with articles by families, professionals and researchers
  • A range of publications and resources, including an eLearning module to educate families and professionals about the condition.
  • Range of information and family days throughout the UK
  • Media campaigns and an annual awareness day
  • Talks and presentations

local groups:

Local support groups of family members in some areas of the country, including Glasgow. Specific Family Support and Development Worker for Scotland.

opening hours:

Head Office – Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm. Telephone answering machine available out of hours.

Scottish Base – Monday – Thursday 9.00 am – 5pm


Rood End House
6 Stortford Road
Great Dunmow

Phone: 01371 875 100 or 07825050072

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