Independent Fetal Anti-Convulsant Trust

FACSA/INFACT supports people and families with Fetal Anti-Convulsant Syndrome and/or children affected by anticonvulsant medications taken in pregnancy

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FACSA/INFACT supports families and their children affected by Anti-Epilepsy Drugs (AED’s) in pregnancy.  These medications are prescribed for a variety of other conditions also such as Depression, Bipolar, Migraine and Pain Relief.


FACSA supports people with Fetal Anti-Convulsant Syndrome and their objectives are:

  • To support and advise parents of Fetal Anti-Convulsant Syndromes (FACS)
  • To provide information concerning all aspects of FACS, including education, health issues and benefits
  • To direct parents to other charities which deal with related disorders, e.g. Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Spina Bifida, Cleft Lip & Palate etc …
  • To raise awareness in all areas of health to minimise the risks when taking Anti-Convulsant Medications during pregnancy
  • To help and support parents in their quest for diagnosis
  • To raise awareness for FACS through all aspects of the media
  • To work hand in hand with the Independent Fetal Anti-Convulsant Trust, sharing all aspects of information and relevant documents
  • To act as a parent call centre for both the FACSA and IN-FACT
  • To act and work in co-ordination with IN-FACT at all times
  • To support and work with their sister charity & Trust INFACT in its work with the Government for a Care Plan for those affected, and/or a Public Inquiry into the history of Valproate in pregnancy.

Additional information:

Other contacts are:
Emma Murphy, (Co-Founder)

Twitter Campaign:
Emma4 facs



Heather Brae, School Lane,
School Lane
United Kingdom

Phone: +447866377278
Helpline number: 01253799161

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