Fair Deal

Support for people with learning disabilities

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Services provided:

Fair Deal is a small social care organisation run as a social enterprise based in Castlemilk in Glasgow. The focus of their work is finding creative solutions to support people with learning disabilities to overcome the barriers which prevent them from being part of their local communities. Fair Deal believes that everyone is a citizen but that some people are prevented from enjoying all that this brings by the attitudes, prejudice and behaviour of others.

Services include:

  • Support Planning
  • Social and Leisure Options
  • Volunteering
  • Campaigning
  • Parent and Carer Support
  • Help Yourself Grow – gardening and cooking opportunities
  • Fair Deal fully supports the promotion of Self Directed Support and will help everyone they currently support to move in this direction.



355a Tormusk Road
G45 0HF

Phone: 0141 634 4996
Website: http://www.fair-deal.org/
Email: info@fair-deal.org

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