Ewing Foundation

Support teachers and other professionals working with deaf children


To promote best practice in auditory – oral education for deaf children.

Services provided:

  • Education consultancy service, including audit of specialist provision for deaf children; training and mentoring for professionals working with deaf children in best practice
  • Audiology technicians, providing advice on technical solutions; trouble-shooting, maintenance and repair of specialist equipment; training in use and fault-finding
  • Early support training
  • BTEC course in Audiology Technology in educational settings.

local groups:

Trisha Cope is the consultant for Northern England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  

She can be contacted on Tel: 0161 275 3367 or via email:-


15 Great College Street

Phone: 07879 425 397
Website: http://www.ewing-foundation.org.uk
Email: paulineh@ewing-foundation.org.uk

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