Helping talented disabled candidates and inclusive employers to find each other

Evenbreak helps talented disabled candidates and inclusive employers find each other.

Evenbreak is an award-winning not-for-profit specialist job board run by disabled people for disabled people with the following aims:

1. To help inclusive employers (who understand the value of a diverse workforce) to attract more disabled candidates

2. To help disabled job seekers find work with employers who will value their skills

3. To promote good practice in accessibility and inclusion in the workplace

Enlightened employers tell us they find it difficult to attract disabled applicants through their normal recruitment channels. Disabled candidates tell us they have confidence that the employers on Evenbreak will take them seriously. Evenbreak is a very quick and easy way for employers to attract additional disabled candidates to the talent pool they select from.

Benefits of employing disabled people:

1. Disabled employees are, on average, easily as productive as their non-disabled colleagues, and have less time off sick, fewer workplace accidents and stay in their jobs longer (source: Employers Forum on Disability)

2. Intelligence into engaging with disabled customers (over 11 million disabled people in the UK spend up to £80bn a year) will help the bottom line

3. Access to a wider range of skills – Saving money (keeping an employee who becomes disabled costs less than recruiting and training someone new

4. Becoming an “Employer of choice”​ means you attract all the best talent

5. disabled and non-disabled

6. Enhancing reputation and avoiding litigation


402 Metro Central Heights
119 Newington Causeway
United Kingdom

Phone: 0845 658 5717
Website: http://www.evenbreak.co.uk
Email: info@evenbreak.co.uk
Contact form: https://hive.evenbreak.co.uk/contact-support

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