Ethnic Minorities Law Centre

Provide legal advice and representation to ethnic minorities

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To promote racial justice and equality through expertise in Immigration, Asylum and Race Discrimination Law.

Services provided:

  • Provide any legal advice relating to money, debt and benefit matters
  • Fight discrimination in all its forms and promote the strengths of diversity within a multi-cultural society
  • Provide professional legal services to secure access to justice, rights, services and information
  • Tackle disadvantage through developing relevant and sensitive services, and tailoring their approach to secure individual involvement to empower people
    Identify and respond to individual needs and provide open and easily accessible services using all methods of communication
  • Improve the quality of life for people who are suffering through discrimination, exclusion and abuse
  • Provide employment and volunteering opportunities in premises within the heart of Glasgow and generate income to enhance the sustainability of the service
  • Provide an education and training programme to continually raise awareness
  • Inform and assist clients in their dealings with the Immigration and Nationality
  • Directorate in the UK and abroad, and where possible bring and keep families together, obtaining refugee status or exceptional leave to remain where appropriate and assert the client’s human rights
  • Comment on draft legislation and disseminate information on proposed changes.

opening hours:

Office is open Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm. If an interpreter is required it is best to telephone and arrange an appointment.

Additional information:

There is another office in Morrison Street, Edinburgh, and they can be contacted on 0131 229 2038.


41 St Vincent Place
G1 2ER

Phone: 0141 204 2888
Fax: 0141 204 2006

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