Equal Say

Provides independent advocacy to adults across Lanarkshire

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Equal Say provides independent advocacy across North and South Lanarkshire.

We work with adults who have learning disabilities, mental ill health, addictions, long term conditions or physical disability.

In North Lanarkshire this is for adults up to the age of 64 and in South Lanarkshire this is for all adults

Our advocacy partners often have contact with either Health or Social Work Services and/or are subject to Social Policy legislation such as the Mental Health Act, The Adult Support and Protection Act or the Adults with Incapacity Act.

Anyone can make a referral on behalf of someone they know or themselves.


Equal Say
104 Stewarton Street
North Lanarkshire
United Kingdom

Phone: 01698 358 245
Website: http://www.equalsay.org/
Email: amanda@equalsay.org
Contact form: https://www.equalsay.org/contact-us/

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