Edinburgh Garden Partners

Matching garden owners who are not able to access or make the most of their garden with volunteers looking for space to grow.

We are a community organisation active across Edinburgh.

We aim to strengthen communities by creating relationships between people who want a space to grow and those who have garden space to share.

We connect people of different ages, abilities, and backgrounds to build a shared gardening movement through the exchange of skills, knowledge, and life experience. Edinburgh Garden Partners has been creating garden partnerships across the city since 2011, connecting garden owners with volunteers looking for a space to grow.

Today our aim is to nurture a sense of belonging and strengthen communities in Edinburgh by creating garden partnerships that connect volunteers to people in their community who are struggling to make the most of their garden space. It is the shared interest in gardening and the exchange of skills, knowledge and life experience that make these partnerships so special and rewarding for everyone involved.

Sharing a space in your garden with a volunteer from Edinburgh Garden Partners is a great way to help a person in your community who is looking for a space to grow.

We prioritise working with people who want to enjoy their gardens and strengthen connections with their community. Please note that we are not a garden maintenance service.

How does it work?

We match our garden owners to volunteers according to where they live and their overall compatibility. We guide and support both to establish a mutually beneficial partnership by making a written agreement, which sets healthy boundaries and shared expectations for what can be achieved, and provide ongoing support to partnerships.


10 Considine Gardens
c/o Age Scotland
United Kingdom

Phone: 0131 347 0529
Website: http://www.edinburghgardenpartners.org.uk/
Email: info@edinburghgardenpartners.org.uk

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