Disabled Motorists Federation

Federation of self governing disabled motor clubs


  • To act for and on behalf of, at present, twelve independent disabled motorists clubs
  • To ensure that all the clubs and individual affiliated members receive relevant information as and when necessary
  • To negotiate with national bodies on matters of concern to clubs or individual affiliated members
  • To give out information to the general public and members as far as costs will allow on matters connected with travel for disabled people and their carers.

services provided:

  • Provide information related to travel, both public and private
  • Campaign for the rights of disabled drivers and passengers
  • Discounts include care maintenance, insurance and breaks.


Produce a quarterly magazine which is free to members and also publish regular newsletters.

Additional information:

The Disabled Motorists Federation (DMF) is a federation of self-governing disabled motorist clubs. Whereas local member organisations can deal with local issues, the DMF deals with national companies, councils and governments and help people to set up their own independent local clubs.


Website: http://www.dmfed.org.uk
Email: jekillick2214@yahoo.co.uk

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