Ability Shetland

To support disabled people and their families reach their full potential in the Shetland Islands.

Ability Shetland is a charity which provides direct support to children, families and adults with disabilities and additional support needs. Responding to identified needs, we run groups and clubs and outreach support to individuals.

We help people with disabilities to improve their physical abilities and enhance their personal, social and relationship skills. We aim to ensure that they have equal opportunities and avoid the loneliness and social exclusion, which often results from disability.

To achieve these aims, we tackle the challenge of reaching people in all communities, many of whom are in remote, rural and island areas.

As well as the above, Ability Shetland have helped to raise awareness of barriers to inclusion within our community and to address the responsibility everyone has to help remove these. Furthermore, Ability Shetland are very effective ambassadors for inclusion for all across our wider community.

We are a well-established and trusted organisation dedicated to ensuring disabled people can reach their full potential.



Market House
14 Market Street
Lerwick Shetland
Shetland Islands
United Kingdom

Phone: 01595743922
Website: http://www.abilityshetland.com/
Email: stephanie.bain@shetland.org
Contact form: https://www.abilityshetland.com/contact

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