Disability Equality Scotland

Ensure that the views of disabled people are heard in Scotland


We are a national charity working to make life more accessible, equal and inclusive for disabled people in Scotland.
We promote access in its widest sense, including:
  • access to the built and natural environment
  • access to the same opportunities as are enjoyed by others in our communities
  •  access to information,
  •  access to inclusive communication and inclusion in decision-making,

Our aim is for every disabled person to have the opportunity to participate in a fulfilling life.

We represent the views of individuals with any type of impairment, as well as disability organisations and groups who share Disability Equality Scotland’s values.

We are a membership organisation and as such listen to the views of disabled people and champion on their behalf. We work to influence the policies of the Scottish Government which affect how disabled people live, and we work to encourage others to be inclusive and informed in their attitudes towards disabled people.

We are also the umbrella organisation for all disability Access Panels in Scotland, and we are the principal provider of support and guidance to the Access Panels presently representing disabled persons at a local level throughout Scotland. Access Panels are committed to improving access and equality in its widest form which means access to the physical environment, Education, Housing, Health, Transport, Leisure & Recreation and Social Justice amongst other areas.

Services provided:

  • Engaging with our membership on key topics of concern for disabled people
  • Informing policy makers of these concerns 
  • Carry out surveys or research
  • Linking with all the networks and groups working for the disability movement in Scotland
  • Umbrella body for all disabled access panels throughout Scotland.
  • Lobbying MSPs and Scottish Ministers
  • Working with the Scottish Parliament cross party group on disability
  • Work with public bodies to comply with the Disability Equality Duty.
  • Offer training in Easy Read, Hate Crime, Inclusive Communication and Disability Equality Training.
  • Offer Easy Read Translation Service.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 10 am – 4 pm (excluding bank holidays)



17 Crossburn Farm Road
The Pentagon Centre
36 Washington Street
EH45 8EG
United Kingdom

Phone: 01413700968
Website: http://www.disabilityequality.scot
Email: lyn@disabilityequality.scot

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