Dialysis while Cruising

Cruises that offer dialysis treatment to people with kidney disease

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To organise cruises for dialysis guests and their friends and families.

Services provided:

Dialysis while Cruising work with tour operators, aware of a guests medical needs, so that they can travel as comfortably as any other tourist.
All the services and excursions, which their cruises offer are available, not only to those with kidney disease, but to their family and friends as well.

Ships are all equipped with an integrated dialysis centre, which has generators with an “uniponction system”. This system accepts both bicarbonate and acetate treatments.

The international medical team is comprised of a “nephrologist” and specialised nurses. Dialysis sessions of 4 hours or more, if necessary, are scheduled and organised before the beginning of the cruise, so that the traveller can go ashore during cruise stopovers and take part in a majority of the excursions.

Additional information:

There is a UK agent whose details can be provided on request.


55 Avenue de la Liberation
Le Bouscat

Phone: 00 33 5 56 42 49 01
Website: http://www.dialysiswhilecruising.com

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