Dental Fear Central

Website giving valuable information on how to tackle dental phobia

Services provided:

Dental Fear Central’s main areas include:

  • Dental Phobia Support Forum – the most active web-wide. Get support from fellow (ex-)phobics or ask their friendly dentists!
  • Common Fears section explains some of the most common dental phobias and fears and provides tips for dealing with each of them.

What Can Help section contains:-

  • a step-by-step guide to how you might get to the stage where you can search for a dentist and make an appointment,
  • the low-down on both psychological ways of tackling dental phobia and dental sedation, and
  • information on technological innovations which can help with overcoming dental fears.

Dental Fear Central also provides tips and information on Dental Anxiety Management for dentists and other professionals who are interested in dental anxiety and helping people overcome their fears.




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