Deafblind Scotland

Support and services for deafblind people and their families


  • To provide services to support deafblind people and to reduce their isolation
  • To campaign for the rights of deafblind people
  • To encourage touch based communication systems
  • To raise awareness to the issues surrounding deafblindness.

Services provided:

  • Clubs and holidays arranged
  • Information and advice
  • Provide information in a variety of formats for both deaf, blind and Deafblind individuals
  • Communicard service can help by offering advice and communication support via mobile, ipad, or even in person, wherever you are, or 1.1 support 
  • Guide and Communicator service can offer support to deafblind people with communication, getting around, and accessing information
  • Training for workers involved with deafblind people
  • Rehabilitation flat available
  • Provides clubs where short holidays are planned.


Guide / Communicators, where funding is available
Clubs are free.

Local groups:

Support groups available plus an Usher Syndrome group meets four times per year.




Deafblind Scotland

1 Neasham Drive


Glasgow G66 3FA


0141 777 6111 (General Number)

Welfare Rights Direct Number 0141 777 5836


21 Alexandra Avenue
G66 5BG

Phone: 0141 777 6111
Fax: 0141 775 3311

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