Cool Crutches

Manufacture crutches that can be made up to your own designs and requirements

Description of service and products sold:

Under-arm and NHS crutches give you sore hands, click, make you look and feel disabled…..and they’re grey.   Cool Crutches, understand how hard it is to have to walk on crutches, whether for a broken leg or a permanently disabling condition.

Coolcrutches  offer another option.  Their crutches come in lots of different colours and prints.  They can also make them up to your own design (UK/EU only).  They have a washable, removable neoprene squidgy grip which moulds to left and right hands and makes walking a lot more comfortable.  They are a quality product, robust, solid yet lightweight.

Email is the best way of contacting Cool Crutches:- or online form.



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