Con Cunningham Solicitors

Advice and representation for benefits, power of attorney, guardianship

Services provided:

This is a new legal advice service so that disabled people can discover their  rights and receive advice and representation when dealing with the authorities and DWP in particular. Covering benefits, guardianship, power of attorney, housing, SDS issues…

This  service which will provides free clinics for general advice and –

  • advice and help on applying for or appealing Universal Credit ( Employment Support Allowance) and Personal Independence Payment
  • advice on problems with self-directed payments and housing
  • help and advice preparing for appeals
  • representation at appeals
  • advice on applications for and appeals of other benefit decisions
  • home visits where necessary
  • weekend and out of hours services
  • community care law advice
  • legal advice on and support to challenge decision makers
  • powers of attorney applications.
  • guardianship applications

Legal Aid is available for those on benefits and low incomes.


Suite 418 - The Pentagon Centre
36 Washington Street
G3 8AZ
United Kingdom

Phone: 0141 258 2760

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