Clearvision Project

National postal lending library of braille / print children's books


To increase the range and interest of material available to children learning to read braille and to enable books to be shared with sighted friends, classmates and family. The books are also suitable for braille reading adults sharing books with young sighted children. There is also a small collection of books labelled in Moon and a collection of especially made tactile books in which all the illustrations are designed to be explored by touch. 

Services provided:

The ClearVision process takes standard children’s picture books and adds the brailled text on clear plastic sheets so that the pictures and print text are still visible.
The 15,000 books are chosen from popular fiction and National Curriculum related books for a wide range of ages and reading levels.
The collection also includes novelty board books for babies, short stories for toddlers, an engaging selection of books for newly fluent readers and some short titles for older children and teenagers with a low reading age


Linden Lodge School
61 Princes Way
SW19 6JB

Phone: 020 8789 9575

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