ClearVision Project

National postal lending library of braille / print children's books


To give children and young people a wide range of interesting books which they can share with sighted friends, family and teachers, letting them learn to read more easily.  To let braille reading adults share books with sighted children.

Services provided:

The ClearVision process takes standard children’s picture books and adds the brailled text on clear plastic sheets so that print, pictures and braille are all present, making them perfect for sharing by those with and without sight. We have around 15,000 books: novelty board books for babies, short stories for toddlers, an engaging selection of books for newly fluent readers and some short titles for older children and teenagers with a low reading age. We loan these by post. The service is free for families who get 6 books  at a time and can change them as often as they like. Nurseries, schools, colleges, Sensory Support Services and public libraries pay £60 per year for a collection of up to 20 books at a time. They can also borrow books from our  collection of especially made tactile picture books, in which all the illustrations are designed to be explored by touch.
We cover the whole of the UK and Ireland.


ClearVision, Linden Lodge School 61 Princes Way
SW19 6JB
United Kingdom

Phone: 02087899575
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