Children’s Parliament

Children's Parliament gives children the opportunity to voice their ideas, thoughts and feelings so that their concerns and opinions can be listened to

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When children come into this space we want them to bring with them their knowledge of what it is like to be a child, their ideas and their opinions, and to be willing to voice and explore them.

When adults come into this space we want them to bring with them their facilitation skills, their commitment to listen to and welcome children’s opinions and a belief that children have a high degree of talent and ability. They also want adults to bring their memories of what it was like to be a child.

When children work together in this space they have the opportunity to take responsibility and work in self-directed groups. They also develop friendships and gain new insights into the diversity of children’s backgrounds, experiences, hopes and dreams.

When adults and children work together in this space they create something both rich and challenging. There is the opportunity to form relationships of mutual trust, respect and honesty, and there is huge potential for adults to learn and gain insights from children and vice versa.

Children’s Parliament provide a training and development programme for children, parents and carers, teachers and children’s services professionals and policy makers. Their programmes inspire dynamic and creative environments for learning about children’s human rights and effective consultation with children.


1 Summerhall Place

Phone: 0131 558 9030

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