Childline in Scotland

Give help and advice to children and young people up to age 18

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To protect children who are at risk of harm and to help children resolve or alleviate their problems and worries.

Services provided:

ChildLine offers a free, confidential 24-hour telephone and online counselling service for any child or young person with any problem.

Some of the things children phone about are:

  • bullying
  • concerns about parents, brother, sisters, friends
  • drugs and alcohol
  • feeling lonely or unloved
  • HIV and AIDS
  • neglect
  • physical abuse
  • pregnancy
  • running away
  • school problems
  • sexual abuse
  • worries about the future

When you phone ChildLine you can talk to someone called a counsellor who will listen to you and help you find ways of sorting out your problems and worries. If you want, the counsellor can put you in touch with other people who can also help you.

You don’t have to give your name if you don’t want to.

In addition to the helpline, young people can also contact ChildLine online about their concerns via:-


3rd Floor Ruby House
8 Ruby Place
AB10 1QZ

Phone: 0844 892 0200
Helpline number: 0800 1111

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