Care and Housing Support for People with Disabilities

A website to help professionals find out at a glance what resources are available for adults with physical disabilites, across Edinburgh with regards to care and housing support


The information contained on this website is provided to help professionals find out, at a glance what resources are potentially available for adults with physical disabilities, across the city of Edinburgh with regard to care and housing support. There are additional layers for particular factors;

  • Supported Accommodation (mainly for group living and encouraging independent living)
  • Older People,mainly sheltered housing and supported accommodation. Please note that some of these do offer their services to people 50 years.
  • Residential care homes
  • Housing stock showing showing accommodation mainly adapted for wheelchair users.

There are tags to help filter the search: Care at home,wheelchair, accessible, adapted, accommodation, ground floor, support young, older people, Supported accommodation, lift, staff, warden call system, on site sleepover and 24 hour care.



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