Canine Partners Scotland

Provide disabled people with highly trained assistance dogs

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To transform the lives of people with disabilities, enabling them to lead more independent lives, by providing them with highly trained assistance dogs.

Services provided:

Canine Partners are trained in a variety of emergency responses and are ‘on standby’ all the time, ready to assist whenever needed. They will activate an alarm, fetch the mobile phone and go for help if required. A Canine Partner can respond to around one hundred commands, including opening and shutting doors, switching lights on and off and drawing the curtains. All this can bring confidence to a Partner and peace of mind to their family or friends. A Canine Partner has the ability to make the difference between reliance on a carer and independence.

People aged eighteen years or over who have a disability that causes difficulty with walking and limits the use of their hands and arms, can apply for a Canine Partner.

Head Office can be contacted on 08456 580 480.


P.O. Box 3460
G62 9AT

Phone: 07909 900 790
Helpline number: 08456 580 480

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