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Our work reflects our passion for the value of counselling and its potential to improve lives.

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At BACP’s heart is the message that counselling changes lives.

Therapy offers a safe, confidential place to talk to a trained professional about your feelings and concerns. You might talk about difficult events in your life or your relationships and emotions. Or you might have negative thoughts and behaviours that you want to change.

Therapists will not give you advice or solve your problems for you. They will listen to your story, helping you to understand yourself better and make positive changes in your life.

Therapists practise in all walks of life and all parts of society, from NHS clinics to workplaces and education. They are trained to deal with a range of situations, helping people to cope with such issues as anxiety and bereavement, relationship difficulties, sexual and racial issues, child abuse and trauma, or personal problem solving.


As the largest professional body for counsellors and psychotherapists, we champion the counselling professions and the expertise of our 67,000 members. We work to raise professional and ethical standards within the field and offer training, development and networking opportunities to our members.

We use the word ‘therapy’ to cover talking therapies, such as counselling, psychotherapy and coaching.

Finding a therapist

Our register of members aims to protect the public and help them find therapists they can trust. We want clients, employers and the general public to know that a BACP registered practitioner adheres to high standards of proficiency, professionalism and good practice.

The BACP Therapist Directory is an online, searchable directory of around 16,000 private therapists who offer services to the public. Only registered or accredited BACP members can advertise on our directory, ensuring that all the counsellors listed meet our standards for training, experience and ethical practice. You can search for a therapists on our directory by typing in a location and the reason why you wish to see them.

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