Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation

Can offer some advice on getting help


BDD charity is dedicated to the relief of suffering from BDD. It aims to advance education and understanding of BDD. It supports research into BDD and its treatments. Whilst they are based in the UK, their reach is international and they are proud to be the only charity for BDD in the world.

Services provided:

The BDD Foundation can offer some advice on getting help, but they are (for the moment) a very small charity with limited resources.

At present, they recommend seeking help from OCD Action as BDD is related to OCD. The website has information on obtaining a referral for specialist help; employment rights; housing; and your rights under the Mental Health Act. You can also share your concern with others in an online forum on this website under the heading ‘ Advocacy’. Sometimes the issues you are seeking help with are common in the BDD community and others may have been in the same position.



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