Blissymbol Communication UK

Promotes the use of the Blissymbol system


  • To disseminate and collate information regarding the use of the Blissymbolics system
  • To organise workshops for those intending to implement a Blissymbol programme
  • To advise on specific problems arising from symbol usage.

Services provided:

  • Provides a general enquiry line
  • Runs courses on the Blissymbol system
  • Publishes a regular newsletter
  • Has a committee run on a voluntary basis by professionals experienced in the field of augmentative communication.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm.

Additional information:

Blissymbolics is a means of communication for those who are unable to speak. It uses symbols which can be displayed on a communication chart or in a communication book. Blissymbolics can be used by young children as a basic communication system and for language development, yet it is equally suitable as a sophisticated communication medium for adults with speech impairments. Symbols on charts are readily understandable to unfamiliar listeners as text always accompanies the symbols.


c/o ACE Centre
92 Windmill Road

Phone: 7811 452 444

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