National childrens charity offering practical help to families caring for children with genetic and neurological conditions

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To become the leading medically and educationally endorsed charity supporting families to maximise the potential of their children with learning difficulties by:

  • Giving parents an integrated source of flexible, interdisciplinary help possibly not found anywhere else
  • Providing the opportunity of personal attention
  • Identifying what is important to each family
  • Encouraging full participation in their children’s management
  • Training parents in the knowledge and expertise of specialised techniques
  • Providing on going support to enable children to overcome factors limiting their potential achievements
  • Fostering mutual help and co-operation between families
  • Winning widespread and generous support to further their work
  • Creating awareness of the needs of families
  • Providing opportunities for shared learning with professionals.

services provided:

BICIC works with carers and parents of children with learning difficulties caused by conditions such as cerebral palsy, autism, Down’s syndrome, developmental delay and brain injury, right through to more specific difficulties like attention deficit disorder, dyspraxia and dyslexia.

The family attend BIBIC for a full multi disciplinary assessment lasting up to three days, during which time an individually tailored programme is put together and taught to the parents. The programme is a result of input from therapists specialising in many disciplines including, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, teaching and nutrition. The families continue these therapies at home and return to BIBIC after 3 – 4 months for a re-assessment and adjustments to the programme.

Full support is given throughout via home visits, telephone and email.


The families are asked to contribute to the costs, but no child is ever turned away due to financial restraints. Full and part bursaries may be applied for.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm.



Old Kelways
Somerton Road
TA10 9SJ

Phone: 01458 253 344

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