Autism Specific Consultancy Services Scotland Ltd

Bespoke Autism Packages for Public, Private and Third Sector Agencies.

Autism Specific Consultancy Services Scotland Ltd (ASCS-S) offers a range of services that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of its customer.

The Autism Consultant and Director of ASCS-S’ has over two decades of experience in the Health and Social Sector which in itself provides a certain level of reassurance, along with her vision, passion and lived experience, it really does speak volumes.

Being Neurodiverse herself and a parent to an autistic child has provided her with great insight, perspective and a wealth of knowledge in many aspects which she says she will be forever grateful. These experiences have influenced, supported and shaped the services ASCS-S offer today, it is also the very reason why she is so passionate and dedicated about the work she does. Which is to encourage greater equality, and help society discourage seeing autistic people as ‘different’ because they aren’t

  • Autistic people should receive more equal treatment, services & resources.
  • Society should have a greater understanding about the needs of autistic people and how these needs may differ.
  • Society should allow for autistic differences and create more equal opportunities.
  • Society should stop trying to make autistic people ‘fit’ into society, but make suitable accommodations accessible.
  • Autistic people have the right to be listened to and should be given equal opportunities to have their thoughts, opinions and voices heard.

So, whether you are looking for support associated with Health and Social Care, Education, Employment or Criminal Justice, ASCS-S can devise a package to suit your needs .

You are in safe hands with Autism Specific Consultancy Services Scotland Ltd.

Check out our website for a more detailed description of our services, Alternatively get in contact with any questions you might have, we would only be too happy to help. 


7 Tillyfour Court
AB33 8UN
United Kingdom

Phone: 07799032968

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