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  • To increase the public awareness of Arachnoiditis, using all the resources available to them.
  • To do so without causing panic.
  • To act as an information highway for anybody with a back complaint.
  • To win recognition of Osteopathy by the National Health Service and add it to the list of treatments they provide.
  • To offer an advisory service for possible sufferers, but we cannot and will not diagnose their condition.
  • To provide Health & Safety advice for non-sufferers, with the aim of avoiding the condition.
  • To open up a dialogue with fellow sufferers in the UK, and, to provide a forum for them.
  • To carry out our aims with tact, in a non-hysterical fashion, with a sense of humour, but never in a mood of despair.

Services provided:

Within their web pages they can offer information on:-

  • Arachnoiditis back pain – ways to cope with the chronic and debilitating back pain caused by Arachnoiditis.
  • Arachnoiditis symptoms – they can give you an idea of the symptoms of Arachnoiditis which are many and varied from person to person.
  • Arachnoiditis fibromyalgia – they can offer advice on how to go about getting a diagnosis and escape the fibromyalgia trap.
  • Adhesive arachnoiditis – what is it, they try to explain.
  • Arachnoiditis treatment and therapy – the do’s and don’ts when thinking about therapy, excercise or miracle cures.
  • They have members from around the world on their Facebook Group.

The website contains lots of information on Arachnoiditis but anyone wanting further information can contact Mike Feehan on  01851 870 231.


c/o Mike Feehan
49 Garrabost
Isle of Lewis

Phone: 01851 870 231
Helpline number: 07827 017 492 (mobile)

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