Anything Left-Handed

A website where left-handed people can purchase anything from golf clubs to educational games

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Description of service and products sold:

By shopping via the Anything Left-Handed website, left handed people can purchase almost anything including scissors, golf clubs, handwriting sets, pens, pocket knives, clothing, educational games, gardening and DIY tools, computer equipment, clocks and watches, gift ideas and much more.

Left-Handers Club members receive regular newsletters with the latest left handed news and views plus links to other websites, product information and member discount offers.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 10.00am – 2.00pm.

Please note that they work in a commercial warehouse and we do not have a facility suitable for customer visits.


Unit 113
14 & 15 Admiralty Way
GU15 3DT

Phone: 01737 888 269

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