Alcohol Change UK

The national agency on alcohol misuse


  • To work towards reducing the level of alcohol misuse
  • To develop the range and quality of services available to problem drinkers and their families.

services provided:

  • Promote the development and implementation of national and local alcohol policy on the basis of the best policy on the basis of the best available evidence and through consultation with our members
  • They actively work to raise alcohol awareness and to encourage the development of services and support for people with alcohol related problems
  • They provide quality information on alcohol and alcohol related harm
    Work to develop the knowledge and skills of practitioners supporting people with alcohol related problems and operate a specialist consultancy service
  • Develop and manage projects that build the capacity of the sector and encourage good practice by the field.



27 Swinton Street London, WC1X 9NW

Phone: 0203 907 8480

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