Action on Hearing Loss

Changing the world for deaf and hard of hearing people

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To increase awareness and understanding of deafness and hearing loss, and to remove prejudice and discrimination by raising issues and promoting debate in the press and Parliament.

Action on Hearing Loss believes that deaf people have the right to:

  • realise their full potential as individuals, enjoying respect, dignity & freedom from discrimination
  • fully participate in and share responsibility for the social, political & economic structures of society, with equal access to goods & services.

services provided:

  • Specialist telephone services
  • Assistive devices
  • Residential Care
  • Deaf awareness training
  • Communication services
  • Information on thousands of organisations, local and national: professional services such as hearing therapists and social workers: and leisure activities such as theatres supplied with loops.
  • Action on Hearing Loss helpline (9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday). which provides information and advice on deafness, hearing loss and related subjects to anyone who needs it. Which can be anyone with a hearing loss of any level, family, friends or anyone interested. The helpline can be accessed through voice telephone, textphone, fax and email. As well as general information, specialist information officers can also help with such subjects as equipment, employment and the DDA.


1-3 Highbury Station Road
N1 1SE

Minicom: 0808 808 9000 (text)
Fax: 0780 0000 360 SMS
Helpline number: 0808 808 0123

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