Featured Charity – SeatSpot, guest post by Eddie McGill

SEAT SPOT is Scottish Charity (SCIO) who are championing the need for shops, retail parks and council buildings to provide some accessible seating within their premises for people of all ages, who experience mobility and fatigue issues.  We believe that this is a simple solution to reduce social exclusion in our high streets and town centres.  There are advantages to local businesses, as we believe that customers will be more inclined to visit a business that provides accessible seating.  There are more than 12 million disabled people in the UK, with an estimated spending power of £249 billion. This could be hugely beneficial financially to businesses who simply provide a seat or two within their premises.

Eddie McGill
Eddie McGill, Chairperson



Many shoppers with mobility and fatigue issues like myself enjoy visiting Stores, Retail Parks, and Shopping Centres but something has changed over the last few years which cause difficulties for me and others with these issues.

Sadly, very few stores have seating for customers anymore.  These seats were greatly appreciated by people with limited mobility and fatigue who, from time to time, needed somewhere to sit whilst out shopping.  There are lots of reasons why people of all ages experience limited mobility and fatigue including a variety of health and disability issues, old age and even pregnancy.

The lack of providing seats is potentially costing shops lost income as, if a customer like myself needs a seat and there are none available, I, along with anyone else shopping with me, will often have to end my shopping in your Store.  I will be forced to go elsewhere to get a seat, but due to a lack of seats in most stores, I will often end up cutting short my shopping trip and just go home. If seats were available, the people shopping with me would be able to continue shopping and potentially spend more money within your Store.  Once rested, I would also then be able to resume shopping and continue spending more of my money in your Store.  It is a win win situation for the me, for anyone else with me e.g., carers etc, and for businesses.

The SEAT SPOT team are a small group of 5 dedicated volunteers made up of a variety of people including those, like myself, with mobility issues, and healthcare professionals.  We aim to address issues of social isolation, to motivate people of all ages who are experiencing mobility and fatigue issues to feel confident about leaving their homes and once again being able to play an active part in their local communities.

SEAT SPOT will provide participating businesses with branded window stickers so that people will be able to see before going into the shop or Council building whether there is a SEAT SPOT available.  Having SEAT SPOTS in as many shops and Council buildings in as many High Streets as possible will provide a simple solution to a problem which negatively affects many people when out and about using our High Streets and town centres.

We expect participating businesses to cover the cost of the branded Window Stickers and to make a small contribution towards our relatively low running costs.

We have a Chartered Physiotherapist on our Management Committee who would be able to give advice to participating businesses regarding the type of seating they will be expected to provide.  There is no point in seats being provided if they are too low and can’t be used by the people who really need them.

If folks want more information or if you want to support the campaign financially, you can email us at  seatspotuk@gmail.com  or by following us on social media.  A website is currently under construction.

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  • Harris Tweed Gift Shop 239 Portobello High Street, Edinburgh
  • The Living Memory Association Shop, Ocen Terminal, Edinburgh
  • Street Soccer Shop, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh
  • The Leith Collective, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh
  • Remakery, Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh
  • Fat Face, 1 Eastgate, Peebles
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