Accessibility Awareness (Digital Information)

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Welcome to our Accessibility Awareness (Digital Information) course

This course will provide a general introduction to the issues faced by people with disabilities while accessing online information and the assistive technologies, strategies and guidelines available to help them overcome these issues.

By the end of the course you should have a better understanding of:


  • The need for accessible content
  • The issues faced by people with different disabilities such as sensory, physical and cognitive disabilities while accessing online content
  • The regulations (Global) and laws (UK) which advise and govern online content


Course content

  • The prevalence of online information
  • The importance of accessibility
  • Sensory disabilities and assistive technologies
  • Physical disabilities and assistive technologies
  • Learning difficulties and assistive technologies
  • Learning disabilities and assistive technologies
  • Autistic spectrum disorders and assistive technologies
  • Epilepsy and assistive strategies
  • The WCAG Accessibility Guidelines
  • Additional information including an introduction to the UK laws pertaining to online accessibility

Each section is accompanied by a short multiple choice test

A certificate of completion is sent to all learners who finish the course.

The course is for anyone involved in producing online content who wishes to gain an understanding of the importance of and reasons for ensuring their online content is as accessible as possible.

If this is the right course for you please sign up via the links above or continue with the menu below if you’ve arrived back here from the payment page. If you are an organisation and would like a volume discount for your staff or to be invoiced for your staff taking the course rather than signing up individually then get in touch with DIS at


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