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Working in consultation with the University of Stirling DSDC, researchers, authorities and care home workers, Find have developed a range of products that work to make a positive difference in the Dementia Care Home environment.

Designed to increase independence, way-finding and reassurance, each sign utilizes a multiple-clues concept incorporating bold text, bright, contrasting colours, 3D pictures, shaping, and over-sizing.

Toilet Signs – Enhanced way-finding significantly improves independence and will help to reduce stress and incontinence and preserve personal dignity. Bright colours, particularly red are highly recommended to promote recognition and action focus.
Toilet Seats – To maximise the effectiveness of high-visibility strategy, the toilet seat should look like the one on the sign, as this is what the user will expect to see. This combination provides a very powerful approach for getting people to the toilet.
Coloured Door Handles and Kickplates – To maximise the ability for residents to locate the toilet independently, combine brightly coloured door handles with coloured kick-plates and Find toilet sign.

Memory Boxes – A primary focal point in person centred care
Interchangeable Design – These provide flexibility with the graphic and name being interchangeable
Shared Room Designs – This design caters for a variable number of residents names and pictures which may be individually changed as required.
Door-cals – Providing a bedroom door that looks like the front door to a house is a great aid to help residents find their room. Using a self-adhesive Door-cal allows you to create the appearance of an external door without the expense and disruption of a decorator. The graphic is fitted in a matter of minutes, then there is the option of fitting a letterbox, doorknocker and a door number – anything to personalise it for each resident.

A large selection of communal signs including, signs for shower, room, hair salon, computer room, nurse station, music room, laundry, library and conservatory can also be purchased.

Also supply memory prompts and reminiscence boards.



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