Safe Journey Card

Picture of the First Bus Safe Journey Card

First Bus have relaunched their Safe Journey card, which has been designed to make travel easier for their customers. The Safe Journey card is particularly helpful for customers who may need extra help to make their bus journey that their drivers would otherwise be unaware of.

Safe Journey card enables customers to discreetly communicate a specific message to the driver. For example:

  • ‘Please speak slowly, I am hard of hearing’
  • ‘Please wait for me to sit down’
  • ‘Please be patient – I have difficulty in speaking/I am visually impaired/I have a hidden disability’
  • ‘Driver, please let me know when we get to my destination’ (there’s space on the card to enter the desired destination).

There are also sections where a customer can customise his/ her own message to the driver.

Download your Safe Journey card here.



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