The current figures for Internet usage in 2023

Statistics suggest that this will probably not be your first time on the internet and that you will also be aware of social media.  This will be on a sliding scale from infrequent use of online services and no social media all the way to living your entire life online and actually having filmed yourself dancing to Louis Theroux rapping and uploaded it to TikTok (if you know, you know).

In using online services you will be joining a community which is estimated to have grown by a whopping 1,335% from 2000 to 2022 and now accounts for the following statistics.

  •  65% of the worlds population use the internet.
  • Just over 50% of the worlds population also use Social Media.
  • The UK has one of the highest rates of internet usage with a staggering 92% of the population using the internet in 2020 according to the Office of National Statistics.  It should be noted that this was before the pandemic which would have pushed internet usage even higher.
  • According to global media monitoring company Meltwater, 86% of the UK internet users also use some form of social media.

Now that we know we are ALL on the internet, we are going to take at look at WHY we are all on the internet.  To do this we will take a look at one average Joe’s usage.