Assistive Technologies for people with physical disabilities

people with physical disabilities can utilise an extensive range of assistive technologies including the following


Standard layout keyboards but with very large keys (also used by people with visual impairments)

Image shows keyboard with large keys

One handed keyboards where all the keys are stacked in a non-standard pattern designed to make it easier for people who only have the use of one hand.

Image shows the Maltron one handed keyboard where they keys are stacked together to facilitate one handed typing

Mice with rollerballs on top to be manipulated with minimal finger movement instead of having to push a mouse across a table.

Image shows rollerball mouse with ball at the top to be manipulated with the fingers

Mouth stick pointer to help with typing for people who may be paralysed and unable to use other pointing devices such as a mouse or trackpad.

Image shows man with mouth stick which he is using to type into a keyboard

On-screen keyboard which can be operated with a mouse or trackpad can provide helpful to people with limited hand or arm movement.

Image shows Microsoft Word document with on-screen keyboard

Switches operated by hands, foot or shoulder can take the place of mice and mice buttons.

Image shows six coloured switches set into a box and designed for people with physical disabilities

Voice recognition and eye tracking for completely hands-free interaction with technology.

image shows a close up of an eye with tracking lights projected onto it