3.1 Properties

You can add meta-information to a document in any computer application. You add meta-information to a document using Properties.

In Word 365 the Properties can be set by clicking File then Info.


(Clicking on the images below will open larger versions in new windows.)

Image showing how to access a documents properties in word 365

This opens a page where, on the top, right hands side you will see the Properties section where you can update information such as the basic metadata mentioned below.

  • Title: no longer than 65 characters. It can be the same as the title in the document itself.
  • Author
  • Keywords: no more than 25 keywords separated by commas. Short phrases can be used e.g. “Accessible information” “Screen-reading software”. The keywords should of course be relevant to the document.
  • Description. If you keep this entry to 25 words or less, a search will display the whole description.