Uveitis Information Group (Scotland)

Support patients who have been diagnosed with uveitis and ophthalmologists dealing with uveitis


  • To provide clear information about uveitis and its treatment for patients, families, researchers, ophthalmologists and other healthcare providers.
  • To work with professional sector to improve care and outcomes for people affected by uveitis.

services provided:

The UIG now provides information, leaflets and factsheets on uveitis which can be accessed on the website.

Additionally, the UIG:

  • Patient information – website, email and printed information
  • Links with international uveitis groups
  • Facilitate fundraising
  • Liaison with professional panel.

*Due to other commitments of their volunteers, they are now only able to receive enquiries by email or post.



South House
Shetland Isles

Website: http://www.uveitis.net/uig/index.php
Email: info@uveitis.net

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