The Speech Language Communication Company (Afasic)

Representing children and young adults with communication impairments

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Services provided:

Through their networks, they can offer a range of supports suited to you.  Some people prefer online support, others a friendly voice over the phone, for those who like to meet up occasionally there are local groups or network contacts.

Afasic also offers planned activity days for children with communication challenges, notifications are made via the website and newsletters.

Often there are family days and events planned through the local community groups and regular meetings are held for parents and their children to attend. This gives people an opportunity to catch up and allows the kids to meet up with other children, providing an effective peer support mechanism.

Training is an integral part of our work. We are a CPD provider for teachers and other professionals, we offer general awareness raising right through to training sessions which are adapted to suit small agencies or large organisations.

At the heart of our training provision is the recognition that there is a lack of awareness and training around SLI/SLCN, and so we are committed to training staff and volunteers in inclusive communication best practice.

local groups:

There are local groups throughout Scotland and the UK, contact the organisation for further details.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday, 9.00am – 4.30pm.

Communication support needs:

Children and young people represented by Afasic Scotland may require communication support to:

  • understand written and spoken language
  • express themselves
  • interact with others


42 - 44 Castle Street

Phone: 01382 250 060
Minicom: 07580 022 151 (SMS)
Helpline number: 01382 202 644 (Helpline)

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