The Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust

General charitable purposes, with a prefence for Scottish applications


The Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust was the largest single shareholder in the Gordon Fraser Gallery and when the company was sold in 1989 the funds that were released enabled a much more significant programme of donations to commence. At present donations totalling some £160,000 are made to about 100 charities each year. Recipients must be registered charities but the trustees have complete discretion as to the type of charitable work supported. 

Support is most commonly directed to charities addressing issues of social need, vulnerable young or elderly, illness and disability, education, arts and the environment and Trustees particularly favour projects where any of these areas may combine and where even a small donation may have some impact.

There has also been a preference for applications from and for Scotland but not to the exclusion of applications from elsewhere.

The Gordon Fraser Charitable Trust is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales and the Trust’s accounts can be viewed at the Commission’s website. Applications are considered by the trustees each quarter in January, April, July and October with the deadline for each quarter at the end of the previous quarter.


Claire Armstrong
Gaidrew Farmhouse
by Glasgow
G63 0DN


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