Stepping Out – a guide to powered walking frames

Guide looking at walking sticks and crutches, walking frames, scooters and wheelchairs

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This guide looks at walking sticks and crutches, walking frames, scooters and wheelchairs. It will help you decide what kind of walking aid is right for you.

If a wheeled walking frame would be a good choice, this guide will help you choose a suitable model.

A group of ten professionals and two walking frame users were asked to assess eighteen walking frames. They checked out the various features they had and assessed them for ease of use.

The guide is divided into the following sections:-

Getting About Safely: A run down of the range of aids that are available to help with mobility and preventing falls, with advice about how you decide which type is for you

Choosing a Wheeled Walking Frame: Information about the different types of walking frame and what to look out for; details of the 18 frames Ricability have assessed.

Useful Organisations
Gives information on where to buy equipment, organisations that help with information and advice and where to go for financial help towards mobility equipment.

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Additional information:

The publication can be downloaded from the Rica website via the following link:-


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